Who are we....


We introduce ourselves to you; we are Hans and Yvonne Vermeulen.

For many years we are active in the dog world on various levels.

In the field of breeding breed dogs for 27 years now!

We are parents of 3 adult children, namely Debby, Richard and Sebastiaan.

Our Debby and son-in-law Niels, made us happy with a beautiful grandson, his name is Mitchell Collin.He was born on 23 September 2004.

Their second son was born on August 25, 2007 his name is Conner Jeremy!

Mitchell (17 years old) is with us regularly and in his own way he is very happy with our dogs.

Brother Conner (14 years old) is there, but he is somewhat reticent towards the dogs.

Our eldest son Richard and his wife Olga made us happy on 1 July 2019 with a beautiful granddaughter her name is Zoe.

Yvonne has been found since childhood from breeders, shows and training fields, and she has an animal course E.H.B.O done.

Hans has been dragged into this and has taken the theoretical side.

In this way he already obtained his diplomas for KK 1 KK 2 and he went through the course E & B.

Hans also attended the course E.H.B.O.He likes management functions within race clubs.

Together we take care of our dogs, at this time of writing (May 2022) we have 4 dogs in our possession.


GEISKE is our Markiesje and the rest are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, our males: Donny and Kaitos live with friends ....

With Sinopa and Geiske we make daily walks where swimming parties are not avoided.

If you want to know more about our dogs and about us, then you are always welcome after an appointment. Of course you can always mail!

The clubs we are affiliated with: * Nederlandse Markiesjes Vereniging * and

*The official website of the First Companion Dog Club Netherlands*


Association for the N.S.D.T.R. Netherlands * Canadian Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club. Belgian TCB. * Belgian Retriever Club. We adhere to the rules of the Board of Directors in the Kynologisch area. (Dutch Kennel Club)


  • Grandson Mitchell(14)

  • Grandson Conner(11)

  • Our 3 grandchildren together.