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Thank you for your interest in the Dutch Markiesje.

"Dutch tulip dog"...

We, the owners of kennel v.d. Amandelgaard, where also a Markiesje lady called Geiske hops around, have written this brochure to inform you. Hopefully, this will help you to make a conscious choice to take a Markiesje or not.

The Markiesje is an old Dutch breed. Dogs that looked like the Markiesje already appeared on old paintings since 1645. The origin and meaning of the name Markiesje is unknown. However, it is possible that dogs looking like the Markiesje were brought to the Low Countries in the 16th century during the Eighty Years’ War with Spain. The soldiers of, amongst others, Alva, often brought their little dogs along during their campaigns. These dogs were called spanjooltjes in popular speech, and later this was corrupted to spaniels or spioen.

Nowadays the Markiesje is a real companion dog that wishes for nothing better than to be around its owner. The Markiesje is a slightly stretched black dog, though white outlines may occur and are allowed. However, the white outlines cannot amount to 40% or more.   

The Markiesje is a cheerful and curious dog that lives a happy life as long as it receives enough attention from its owner. So it is a friend for life. Should you have serious interest in this beautiful breed we strongly recommend you to contact the breeders’ association or visit their homepage. Of course you can also contact us.

The breed Markiesje is a breed in reconstruction; this means that the registration is done by Dutch Kennel Club in a temporary register instead of a common pedigree. Within the Netherlands this makes no difference to the lineage or if you consider breeding with your Markiesje in the future. Breeding with your potential future Markiesje is certainly encouraged. This to get a larger population so there is less inbreeding within the breed.

Look before you leap.

The purchase of a dog, big or small, is something you should not do without careful consideration. The influence on your daily life can be substantial. A Markiesje can grow very old so it might be a choice for up to 15 years. And don’t forget the costs, not only the purchase itself, but also the insurance and additional costs are to be taken into account.

What will you get in return? A friend that loves you and your fellow humans, unconditionally. Doglike devotion is for life and does not fade away. Should you choose to have a dog in your life, the Markiesje is highly recommended.


Hans & Yvonne Vermeulen.







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