Breed standard

SIEB,male from almost 5 years.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Markiesje is a finely built, black, small spioen, elegant and alert, with no signs of obscurity. The body is slightly longer than high and light in bone. The shiny hair and beautiful feathering enhance the impression of grace. Any form of exaggeration is undesirable.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The length of the body measured from the tip of the shoulder to the seat leg is a little more than the height at the withers (in a ratio of 10 length to 9 height). The depth of the chest is equal to the distance from the lowest point to the ground. The length of the muzzle is equal to that of the skull, measured from the stop to the occiput.

CHARACTER / TEMPERAMENT: The Markiesje is friendly, calm and intelligent. In no case should it be nervous, anxious or spiteful, nor show any trace of aggression.


SKULL AREA: Moderately long and proportional to the body. The top line of the skull is dry and flowing.
Skull: Almost flat, slightly less wide than long and with a tactile occiput.
Stop: Clearly present, but not abruptly.

Nose: Well developed, in accordance with the muzzle and with well opened nostrils. Always black and shiny.
Muzzle: Narrows something to the nose without being pointed. The topline of the muzzle is straight and runs parallel to that of the skull.
Lips: Connected and pigmented black.
Denture: A regular, complete and straight scissor bite.
Cheekbones: Slightly rising and not overfilled.
Eyes: Average size, never bulging or exaggerated; almond-shaped. The color varies from light to dark brown and preferably dark brown to black, clear with a soft expression. The eyelids are well connected and black.
Ears: High on, worn along the head, not above the skull. If the dog's attention is drawn, the tip of the ear falls against the cheek. Medium sized, triangular in shape with a slightly rounded point. Equipped with good feathering.

NECK: Firm and dry, in relation to the body.

Topline: Tight and in a smooth line from the shoulder to the tail.
Back: Powerful, straight, firm and rather short.
Loins: Strong, of sufficient length and width, with well-developed muscles.
Pelvis: Slightly sloping and sufficiently wide, the length of the pelvis is 1.5 times the width.
Chest: Well developed with sufficiently arched ribs, not barrel-shaped, sufficiently deep to reach to the elbow.
Underline and abdomen: Sufficiently deep and slightly ascending to the loin.

TAIL: Set in such a way that it forms a smooth line with the back. The length of the tail (ie the tail vertebrae, not the feathering) reaches up to the hock joint. The tail is in line with the back, or worn cheerfully, but never curled over the back. Resting in a light arch.


General appearance: From the front, the forelegs should be straight.
Shoulder: The shoulder blade is the same length as the upper arm and moderately angulated. The shoulder blade is sufficiently slanted and is flat.
Upper arm: Of the same length as the shoulder blade and moderately inclined.
Elbow: Well connected to the body.
Forelegs: The forelegs are finely built and sufficiently long and strong.
Fore-center foot: Strong, without any trace of weakness and slightly tilted forward.
Forefeet: Fairly long hares, oval and well closed, with firm footpads.

General appearance: From the rear, the legs are straight, seen from the side well angled, in relation to the forehand and well muscled.
Upper leg: Of equal length as the lower leg.
Knee: Well angled.
Lower leg: Of equal length as the upper leg.
Hak: Low placed.
Rear middle foot: Strong, without any trace of weakness.
Hind feet: See forefeet.

MOVEMENT: Easy and free movement, good reach. The legs move parallel and straight, in the case of faster corridors that tend to a single tracking.

SKIN: well fitting around the whole body.

Hair: medium length, smooth lying, soft, silky and shiny. No undercoat. A light wave is allowed. The ears, tail and back of the legs are well feathered. The feathering on the hind legs continues to the hock. The feet are short hairy.

COLOR: The color is glossy solid black or black with white markings. This sign is allowed as a white glow, where the cheeks must be black. Also as white chest, white collar, white belly, white legs and white tail tip. The white percentage may not exceed 40%. Black tapping in the white areas is allowed. A brown glow is allowed, but not desirable.

Withers height: the ideal height at the withers is 37 cm for men. and for bitches 35 cm. The allowable margin upwards is 2 cm, the margin down is 3 cm.

ERRORS: Any deviation from the previous points must be regarded as error and assessed in accordance with the extent to which this error affects the health and welfare of the dog.


- Tang bite.
- Too small, too high, or open-worn ears.
- Cheerfully worn tail, higher than the skullline.
- Too short tail (not reaching to the hock with a maximum difference of 5 cm).
- White markings on the back.
- Deviation from the allowed sizes.


- Anxious or nervous behavior.
- Too short back, low back or too short muzzle.
- Above or below pre-set.
- Standing ears.
- Tail carried in a curl over the back with the tail touching the back.


- Aggressive or very anxious behavior.
- Any dog ​​showing physical or mental abnormalities will be disqualified.
- Every sign of miniature.
- Deviations from the described breed type.
- Deformation of the bone from the tail.
- Tail shorter than the maximum allowable shortening of 5 cm. above the hock.
- Taillessness.
- Any color other than black or black with white markings.

NB: Males must have two normally developed testicles fully descended into the scrotum.