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25 June 2022

Last week Puppy photo's and movies on the Dutch site "Pups"....

14 June 2022

Don't forget to look at the Dutch site under the button Pups!
There is also a NEW page: PUPPY NAMES !!!

17 May 2022

Don't forget to look at the Dutch site under the button Pups!

6 May 2022


Look on the Dutch website under the button....Pups.

2 May 2022


New button: Expect ;-)

18 March 2022

New photo's on the Dutch site under Fotoalbum 1.
On the Dutch site you find also under the button Linkjes, some news...

8 Novenber2021


I place photo's on the Dutch site under Fotoalbum 1 + 4.

28 October 2021

Nice new photo on the Dutch site,Fotoalbum 1

9 Oktober 2021

New birtday photo on the Dutch site under the button: Fotoalbum 1.

6 October 2021

Happy birthday!!!

Our I'am litter is 3 years old! Happy birthday for all the owners.We hope to get mails and photo's from you ;-)
Look at the Dutch site to,under the button:Fotoalbum 1

12 Juli 2021


Ingo had very good results on show,see the Dutch site under the button Fotoalbum Shows!

10 Juli 2021

Movie Karo!!

Look on the Dutch site under the button: Movie Karo 6,5 mnd.

24 May 2021

New photos under the button "Fotoalbum 1" on the Dutch site...please look,the photo's are adorabel :-)

5 May 2021

New photo of Roxy in the album Jonge hond. And a movie of her posted under the link Movie Roxy ...Please look to the Dutch site....

28 Februari 2021

On the Dutch site under the button: "Fotoalbum jonge hond" new photo's ;-)

23 January 2021

New movie and pictures on the PUP Page(Dutch site) ... Have a great weekend everyone!

17 Januari 2021

Photo album PUPS and Photo album JONGE HONDEN pictures added, on the Dutch site.

14 Januari 2021

New pictures on Page "PUPS" and Pictures on Page: "Jonge honden" On the Dutch site.

7 Januari 2021


LOOK at the Dutch page under the button: PUPS!!! Daily new photo's and sometimes a little movie...

18 December 2020

New photo on the begin page.

14 December 2020

New photo from Silke in fotoalbum Jonge honden on the Dutch site.

9 Oktober 2020

Birthday pictures on the Dutch site: Jonge honden.
2 new photos on the Dutch page: Jonge honden.

6 Ocotober 2020

Today our I am litter is 2 years old, congratulations to all owners! We hope for a nice mail and photo, which I will edit and place in the photo album on the Dutch site.

4 September 2020

Under de Dutch button : "Fotoalbum Jonge hond" some new photo's :-)

26 Augustus 2020

New Button: Health Results

Geiske was going to the vet for her ECVO test.See the buton above.

11 June 2020

A lot has happened ... on May 30, Geiske her best friend, our Toller Toujour, passed away. The page "Who are we" has been adjusted. A video has been placed of Ingo who has learned tricks. And there is a new photo in Photo album 4.Please look the movie and photo on the Dutch site under button: Movie Ingo juni'20 and Fotoboek 4.

5 May 2020

A few new photo's on the Dutch site: In the album Jonge honden !

12 April 2020

Birthday of Geiske!

3 April 2020


New photo's on the Dutch site: In the album Jonge honden are nice pictures of Maaike. Photo album 3 contains the latest pictures of our dogs .. On the English site Who are we...

11 Februari 2020

New photo and a movie on the Dutch site.Look under Jonge honden and under Movie Ingo.

8 January 2020

For everyone, of course, the best wishes for 2020!
Here again beautiful new plans about which more later ...

24 December 2019

Unfortunately, unfortunately we have to cancel the Winter Walk by a very thorough reason .... People who have signed up and read/understand this please send a message.

18 November 2019


The Champions clubmatch was held in Stroe (NL) on November 16th. No fewer than 53 dogs were entered. Geiske participated in the Openclass female and her son Ingo in the Youth class males. See the buttons under the dutch site : Photo album SHOW. Also posted a photo of a brother of Geiske, see under the button: Family.

1 November2019

New photo of Maaike you can see on the Dutch Page : Jonge hond.

7 Oktober 2019

Today the young dogs from the I am Litter became 1 year, congratulations to all owners! If you send a nice photo (s), I will provide it with a nice frame and it will appear in the photo album Jonge hond on the Dutch site.

2 Oktober 2019

New photo in under the Dutch button "Fotoalbum jonge hond"

28 August 2019

Lovely photo's from Ingo and Maaike under the Dutch button: "Fotoalbum jonge hond"

20 August 2019

New photo on the "Opening Page" of this website.

15 August 2019

New photo from Maaike under the Dutch site "Jonge honden" and some change under the button Who are we...

28 July 2019

New movie Ingo 9.5 months.
New photos of Maaike and Ingo under Fotoalbum Young dog. Everything to see at the Dutch site

11 July 2019

New photo's en movie on the Dutch site :-)

19 June 2019

Look to the Dutch site,new photo's under the button: Jonge honden.
And 2 new movies: Silke jun'.'19 and Ingo jun.'19

3 June, 2019

Please look to the Dutch site,there are new photo's to see under the button:"Jonge honden".There is also a new link: Movie Ingo 9 mnd./months

28 April 2019

Look under the button: Fotoalbum "jonge Honden" on the Dutch site...

9 April 2019

LOOK!!! the Dutch site you can find pictures and a little movie from our "Coming back day" Look under "Foto's Terug kom dag"

5/7 Maart 2019

New photo's and a little movies on the Dutch site from Silke and Ingo
at the age 5 1/2 month.

19 Februari 2019


Great photo's from Finland! See the Dutch site under the button: Jonge honden

4 Februari 2019


On the Dutch site: Pictures of Ingo under the button: Young dog.
And 3 new buttons with videos from Ingo, Silke and Maaike!

3 Februari 2019


On the dutch page,new photo's from Maaike and ingo under the button"Jonge honden"

27 Januari 2019

Please look...

on the Dutch site under the button "Jonge honden"

24 Januari 2019

Please look on...

the Dutch site for photo's in Photobook3 and in the map young dogs...

7 Januari 2019


New photo's under the button Photobook young dogs....Look also sometimes in on the Dutch site, there are also photo's and little movies ....