Geiske 15 june 2019

Latest additions and news...

28 August 2019

Lovely photo's from Ingo and Maaike under the Dutch button: "Fotoalbum jonge hond"

20 August 2019

New photo on the "Opening Page" of this website.

15 August 2019

New photo from Maaike under the Dutch site "Jonge honden" and some change under the button Who are we...

28 July 2019

New movie Ingo 9.5 months.
New photos of Maaike and Ingo under Fotoalbum Young dog. Everything to see at the Dutch site

11 July 2019

New photo's en movie on the Dutch site :-)

19 June 2019

Look to the Dutch site,new photo's under the button: Jonge honden.
And 2 new movies: Silke jun'.'19 and Ingo jun.'19

3 June, 2019

Please look to the Dutch site,there are new photo's to see under the button:"Jonge honden".There is also a new link: Movie Ingo 9 mnd./months

28 April 2019

Look under the button: Fotoalbum "jonge Honden" on the Dutch site...

9 April 2019

LOOK!!! the Dutch site you can find pictures and a little movie from our "Coming back day" Look under "Foto's Terug kom dag"

5/7 Maart 2019

New photo's and a little movies on the Dutch site from Silke and Ingo
at the age 5 1/2 month.

19 Februari 2019


Great photo's from Finland! See the Dutch site under the button: Jonge honden

4 Februari 2019


On the Dutch site: Pictures of Ingo under the button: Young dog.
And 3 new buttons with videos from Ingo, Silke and Maaike!

3 Februari 2019


On the dutch page,new photo's from Maaike and ingo under the button"Jonge honden"

27 Januari 2019

Please look...

on the Dutch site under the button "Jonge honden"

24 Januari 2019

Please look on...

the Dutch site for photo's in Photobook3 and in the map young dogs...

7 Januari 2019


New photo's under the button Photobook young dogs....Look also sometimes in on the Dutch site, there are also photo's and little movies ....